the art of Audience Engagement

Keep an audience’s attention end-to-end 

— without feeling like you’re always winging it and hoping for the best.

Deep dive with me into

‘The Art of Audience Engagement’

Join me and I’ll show you exactly how to…


Grab and maintain attention (no need to be over-the-top energetic, dance, be *the best musician*, or be a lead singer.)


Establish connection and a good rapport with audiences...even if you’re an instrumentalist


Build a responsive audience for your shows without it feeling awkward or unnatural.

Available on:

September 28, 2023

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What's going to covered?


Tried and true strategies to get responses no matter the venue or performance type


Simple ways to break the ice and build rapport with an audience.


My favorite methods for starting dance floors.


Tools for if the crowd is NOT budging.


BONUS: a list of 9 things to say between songs to make it easy for you to connect (and fill dead space)

"Who exactly is doing this anyway?"

Kimberly Alana

Hey, it's me, Kimberly – your all-in-one musical sensation and stage presence enthusiast. I've been a go-to source for musical awesomeness since 2007, whether I'm strumming, singing, or dueling pianos like a pro.

Speaking of stage presence, I don't just talk the talk; I groove the groove. I'm the self-proclaimed party starter, straight out of the musical hotbed of Louisville, KY. My mission? To ensure your audience is not just entertained, but absolutely delighted.

So, if you're ready to up your game and make your gigs unforgettable, let's dive into the world of audience engagement for musicians together. We'll rock, we'll roll, and we'll leave your fans cheering for an encore.